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Silva UltraMind Remote Viewing and Remote Influencing Home Study Course

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Home study course tips

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     Q: I have recently purchased the home study course and need some guidance. I have listened, and practiced, the first two CDs (Sessions 1-4), but am unclear if I can go on to the next ones without the 2 weeks of practice from these CDs. Am I suppose to wait on this? Am eager to proceed and guess I am asking how the program is suppose to be laid out. I want to do it right so that I get the most out of it. Your comments are appreciated.

     A: These audio recordings are designed to be very flexible so that you can use them in the way that suits you best. For instance, some people like to listen to all of the recordings first, and then go back and start practicing. Some like to experience the whole program and then select one specific area to work on. Some prefer to master each session step by step. All of the approaches are fine.

     The most important thing to remember is that Jose Silva's techniques all work at the alpha brain wave level - it is the Alpha level that gives them their power. So you want to be sure to find your level and learn to use it with conscious awareness. You do that by practicing the Silva Centering Exercise, in Session 2.

     As soon as you are able to relax physically and mentally with the Silva Centering Exercise, without falling asleep, you are ready to learn the rest of the techniques in this home study course. When you have used your mind to cause an effect in your body - to relax physically and mentally - then you are ready to start using your mind to accomplish other things.

     You may feel relaxed and ready to proceed after practicing the Silva Centering Exercise just once, or you may need to practice the Centering Exercise several times in order to learn to relax physically and mentally. Keep practicing until you are able to relax. Once you have accomplished that, then continue with the rest of the program.

     In the UltraMind ESP System classes, we intersperse the Silva Centering Exercise with the other conditioning cycles. That is, we do the Silva Centering Exercise, then the first mental projection exercise. Then we repeat the Silva Centering Exercise before doing the next mental projection conditioning cycle. We continue to alternate the Silva Centering Exercise with the Mental Projection exercises.

     You can simulate the course experience by doing the same thing. After you do the exercise in Session 4, then do the Silva Centering Exercise in Session 2 again. Then proceed to Sessions 5 and 6, then practice the Silva Centering Exercise again, and continue in that manner.

     If you have any questions, you can log on to the Silva Support Group Web Site:

     There you will find information to help you develop your ability, as well comments and experiences from other UltraMind students. You can also contact other UltraMind graduates and Instructors, who will be happy to share their experiences with you.

     Q: Thank you so much for your quick response. It is very helpful, but one last it OK to do a number of the exercises in one day (maybe three-four)?

     A: Absolutely... sorry I forgot to mention that. In class, we do as many as 8 exercises in one day, along with explanations, etc.

     Ideal for practicing is to enter level 3 times a day, for 15 minutes each time. Just like it says in the Silva Centering Exercise. Once the new information is "programmed" into your "computer-brain," you are ready to go to level and "run the programs" - start using them.

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Home study course tips

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