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Session 1. A New Evolution in Mind Power
     In this session Dennis Higgins and John La Tourrette, Ph.D. describe what exactly the Silva UltraMind System is, and how to learn it

Session 2. The Silva Centering Exercise  
     John guides you through the Silva Centering Exercise

Session 3. Laws of Programming and the Mental Video  
     In this session, Dennis and John emphasize the importance of choosing goals that are plausible and possible. Keep in mind that your intentions must be for the highest good of all concerned, and the solution must  help at least two or more people.  

Session 4. The Mental Video Exercise    
     John guides you through the Mental Video Exercise

Session 5. Remote Influencing in Healing   
     Dennis explains the Three Scenes Technique and how it can be used to remote heal others in this session. He shares a wonderful healing story about his father as a powerful example.

Session 6. The Three Scenes Technique Mental Training Exercise    
     John guides you through the Three Scenes Technique Mental Training Exercise

Session 7. Remote Viewing and Visual Enhancement
     You are introduced to the practices of Remote Viewing and Visual Enhancement in this session.

Session 8. The Visualization Enhancement Exercise  
     John guides you through the Visualization Enhancement Exercise

Session 9. Remote Viewing/ Remote Influence in Your Business and Career  
     Dennis and John describe how remote viewing and remote influencing can be used in business.

Session 10. The UltraMind Remote Viewing Exercise  
     John guides you through the Silva UltraMind Remote Viewing Exercise.

Session 11. Remote Viewing/ Remote Influencing in Relationships
     In this session Dennis and John discuss how remote viewing and remote influencing can assist you in attracting more love into your life, along with repelling negative energy. They describe how this technique can be used with partners, and family members (especially children).

Session 12. The Remote Viewing for Relationships Exercise    
     John guides you through the remote Viewing for Relationships Exercise

Session 13. Silva Principles for Abundance  
     In this session Dennis and John provide you with the details on how Jose views abundance from the inside out. They explain how the law of attraction draws abundance to you naturally and with great ease.

Session 14. The Remote Viewing for Business Abundance Exercise
     John guides you through the Remote Viewing for Business Abundance Exercise

Session 15. Discovering Your True Purpose from Higher Intelligence   
     As this session opens, Dennis challenges us on what we perceive to be our true purpose in life. John then takes you through the Mental Video Technique so that you can apply the laws of programming to you purpose, and gain a view of the big picture for your life. Your job is then to simply to communicate your intentions to the higher intelligence and keep a watchful eye for clues that will lead you to that purpose.

Session 16. The Guidance for Purpose in Life Exercise
     It is fundamental that you have a clear picture of what your true purpose is in life.  To assist you in discovering what that purpose is, John guides you through the Guidance for Purpose in Life Exercise.  


Alpha/Theta Sound for Guidance
     One bonus recording provides you with the Alpha and Theta Sounds for guidance.

Jose Silva's Subjective Persuasion
     The other bonus recording features more than an hour of recordings of Jose Silva explaining his revolutionary Mind Training System as only he can. He gives numerous specific examples of "remote influencing," explaining and demonstrating exactly what he did and how he did it. See the Track List below.
TRACK LIST - all sessions are presented by Jose Silva:

Session 1
01     Welcome to the 2nd Phase of Human Evolution on Planet Earth
02     There is now a new dimension that you can use
03     How you can learn to function at two dimensions
04     Remotely viewing other people's thoughts and plans
05     Your assignment on planet earth
06     How you can qualify for help from higher intelligence

Session 2
07     Finding your Center: 10 cycles alpha
08     Transferring memories into the subjective realm
09     There are no limits to what you can do subjectively
10     Our concept of "higher intelligence"
11     Help for every area of life

Session 3
12     Remote influencing experience saves a youth from blindness
13     Another remote viewing - remote influencing experience
14     Why you must test your ability on real problems
15     Help nature prevent mistakes
16     Improve conditions spiritually

Session 4
17     Influencing people
18     Silva Case Working experience
19     Influence through remote control

Session 5
20     Opening Session of the 1st UltraMind ESP System
21     Where you can get help - UltraMind Web Site

     A guidebook on CD-ROM (for a Windows PC... no printed book) provides a brief review of each session, and an organized way to track your progress.

     You can get started, learn the basic, and enhance your natural ESP experiences with the Silva UtlraMind Remote Viewing and Remote Influencing Home Study Course.

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