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Jose Silva guides a student in a case working "mental projection" exercise to detect health information about a distant subject

Silva UltraMind Remote Viewing and Remote Influencing Home Study Course

Remote Viewing Test

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Are you a Natural Psychic...
                  ...and don't know it?

Probably...  Most people are

     Just imagine the possibilities...if you could actually sense what other people are thinking, what their real wants and needs are, what their real concerns are, and just imagine if you could actually influence their thinking and influence them to take a specific action.

     Many of us have done this in the past. Think back: When you were young and in school, did you ever sit down, with a group of friends perhaps, and stare at somebody across the room until they looked up and turned around to see who was watching them?

     If you haven't done that, give it a try. Most people have probably done that.
     We can actually influence someone else - with our thoughts - to do something we want them to do!

      To determine if you have natural psychic abilities like most people have, take this simple test. (Click here now to see how much psychic ability you already have)

     Can you learn to control your clairvoyant abilities and use them reliably, when you need them?

     Sure you can.

     You can learn on your own, through the "trial and error" method. It takes time to develop this ability.

     You can also learn through the structured guidance of Jose Silva's UltraMind ESP System.

     The best way is to attend a course with a Silva UltraMind ESP System Instructor so that the Instructor's mind can guide your mind to know what to do, to know how to "project mentally" to distant places and determine what is going on.

     Practicing on your own can take a lot longer. Silva UltraMind's Remote Viewing and Remote Influencing home study course is designed to get you started on your journey to becoming an accomplished Remote Viewer.

     You will be guided through a series of carefully structured drills created by Jose Silva to guide you to find the ideal level of mind for Remote Viewing, and then to start learning how to project your mind, first to establish mental points of reference at this special "remote viewing dimension" of things you are already familiar with, and then you can start projecting your mind to remotely view things you are not familiar with.

     Millions of people worldwide have benefited from Jose Silva's mind training courses, and you can too.

     You can get started today with Silva UltraMind's Remote Viewing and Remote Influencing home study course.

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